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Authorised Treatment Centre Obligations

Obligations are also imposed on all authorised treatment facilities to ensure that such

facilities operate under a waste license, or as appropriate, a waste permit and meet the

minimum technical requirements for the - storage (including temporary storage) of end-of-life

vehicles prior to their being the subject of appropriate treatment and recovery, appropriate

treatment and recovery of end-of-life vehicles, storage of components containing fluids,

recoverable components and spare parts. keep records of the aggregate weight of materials

for reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal arising from end-of-life vehicles and report to

local authorities on an annual basis. From the 1st January 2007 and onwards, on the deposit of

an end-of-life vehicle at an authorised treatment facility for appropriate treatment and

recovery, the owner or operator of that facility shall issue a Certificate of Destruction to

the registered owner, an authorised person of a local authority or a member of An Garda Síochána

and all relevant information relating to that certificate of destruction shall be noted on the

National Vehicle File. No charge may be imposed by the authorised treatment facility on the

registered owner of the end-of-life vehicle in respect of the Certificate of Destruction.

Vehicle Owner Obligations

An obligation is also imposed on vehicle owners, where the registered owner of a specified

vehicle intends to discard that vehicle as waste, he or she is required to deposit that vehicle

at an authorised treatment facility for appropriate treatment and recovery.

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The End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive is a directive of the European Union. Its aims as outlined by the European Commission are:

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